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 "We are reshaping and developing IETT's vision in order to serve Istanbulite a more effective public transportation"
Dear Istanbulites,
Our adventure takes place on the"road"… Since the beginning of the road we proceed by selecting a new target at each stop. We take our speed and our strength from the size of our target. IETT, an institution since 1871 achieved to get ahead of its own goals by keep chaging and developing in the elapsed time. IETT succeeded many times in national and international areas, and IETT has been a companion to the people of Istanbul in this adventure.
IETT came until today by claiming values, institutionalized as in the consciousness of the mission, has seen the smiling faces of Istanbul's people in value for every step. Our mission and vision takes passenger satisfaction as center. We establish our services around this passenger satisfaction.
Employees and qualified, accurate communication we established with Istanbulites have a great share in IETT becoming a brand. We are working to provide the best quality service to you by taking every advantage of developing technology and fast communication. IETT became a worldwide institution by adding positive values to its image. This achievement acceleration is the result of IETT’s basic values and vision. It must be known that soulless institutions can not provide such a success. IETT history, fed by the spirit of the tale city Istanbul, added spirit to city by human and road stories. 
Everyday thousands of people have smiling or somber moments in their lives but with every detail, stories are piling up in the life. Life goes on with positive - negative sides, IETT is equipping all stops and vehicles with beauties. Liking public transportation is connected to making life easier. We are working for every stage of transportation; our travel cards, increasing voyage numbers, comfortable trips and creating qualified team.
We can say that IETT does not only mean public transportation. IETT is a long-established institution that carries on the history, its nostalgia made place in the memories, one of the cornerstones living together in Istanbul. Turning its face to future with the accumulation from history. Our strategy was settled properly to requirements of the age and considered for tomorrows. 
To protect and develop IETT legacy, me and my fellow workers are looking to the horizon with brand new ideas and projects. This task’s value is that can be vouchsafed on very few people and reminds us how important our responsibilities are.
If we love our city, we embrace it. If we embrace, we fulfil our responsibilities. Everyday to find one more reason to love Istanbul and hope to increase this reasons for you, i offer my respects.
General Manager