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 Every person who lives or lived in this magnificent city has a memory about İstanbul to tell to next generations. And I guess this person will have more than one memory to tell if he/she was born and grew up in İstanbul.

We all know that İstanbul is a magical city where old and new, traditional and modern, the rich and poor, in short, many opposites come together and blend. It is a charming city which you complain about when you are living in it, miss all the time when you are away from it and fall in love with again whenever you come back. There is different texture in each quarter and diffrent energy in each neighbourhood of İstanbul.

Those enjoying the sun in Sultanahmet .. those who take pleasure in the sound of azan recited in front of Hagia Sophia.. the intermingling smell of spices in the Egyption Bazaar .. Those fishing on Galata Bridge… Those taking a Bosphorus tour in steamship and yacths.. Those walking hand in hand in Beyoğlu…Those Enjoying the view by looking at the historical villas at the shore of the blue sea whilw travelling by metrobus. On the Bosphorus bridge…. Those sipping well-steeped tea in their cars in Emirgan when it is raining outside….

Today İstanbul, has been turned into an incredibly inspirational city for all our local and foreign paople where dreams and reality mix up with each other..

Every part of it has been turned into an incredibly inspirational city for all our local and foreign people where dreams and reality mix up with each other….

Every part of it has been embellished with flowers, its Streets have become colourful, and every corner of it has acquired a different scent. It is also a socially and culturally magnetic destination with its congress centres, theatres and movie halls.

İstanbul is not only a city where decisions affecting the World are taken; it is also an important city which has good relations with the world and which duly performs its diplomatic activities.