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 Again A First In Public, Again IETT

ISTANBUL - Turkey had a first, IETT achieved to receive approval for A Plus score from Global Reporting Initiative. With the approval of Global Reporting Initiative, IETT is the first institution to get approval for public and private sector reporting.
Approved 2012 - 2013 sustainability report was created by economic, social, and environmental criterias. Approved with “A+” score IETT report will be published biennially. It was not necessary to be inspected again for “+” after with the independent inspection for 14064 Greenhouse Gas Emissions assurance report from the SGS, the world's leader in surveillance, auditing, test and certification body.
 Main objective of the report is activities to improve IETT’s positive effects of today and tomorrow. You can reach English and Turkish version of the first sustainability report from
 Global Reporting Initiative is working to improve business approach for it to be more transparent, environmental, trustworthy and respectful to human rights in the new world trend. This understanding is created by the global arena principles. 
What is Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)?
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is incenting sustainability reporting to be done by all institutions.
GRI develops a widely used sustainability reporting framework in the world. Including the reporting principles this reporting framework determines the necessary principles and indicators. GRI shows great importance to make common and continuous improvement of the use of principles which are open to everyone.
GRI was founded by UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME (UNEP) and CERES as a civil society organization in 1997 in United States Of America. In the year 2002 GRI secretariat was moved to Amsterdam. Besides having a global network composed of 30 thousands of people, GRI has focus points in Australia, Brazil, China, India and the US.
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