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ISTANBUL - With the project of giving Istanbulcards in universities at registration era IETT became finalist in the Europe’s most successful ticket system, Ticketing Awards.
Each year the competition held in London for 6 categories; “Offering The Best Service Business”, “Best Bank-Card Ticketing Scheme”, “Best Smart Card Ticketing Service”, “Most Successful Mobile Ticketing Programme”, “Ticketing Technology Of The Year”, “2015 Contribution To The Sector”. IETT joined this year’s programme with “Istanbulkart Distribution Project”.
The finalist Istanbulcard will try to get ahead of other ticket system contesters with votes of participants. Voting will take place in until 19th December.
125 Thousand Students, 43 University, 98 Percent Satisfaction
İstanbulcard made 125 thousand new registered cards for university students under the Distribution Project, students received their cards immediately. 43 university joined and they showed great interest in the project.
The students had their cards without any application or document. The result of IETT’s survey conducted by face to face had 98 percent satisfaction.
After loading 10 TL from ticket machines to their cards, students started to use reduced tariff. Also IETT placed ticket machines in school campuses for the easy use of Istanbulcards. 
To vote for year 2012 Istanbulcard in the category of “Best Public Service Application” in Transport Ticketing you can click on the following link.
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