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 ISTANBUL - IETT has been serving as a very important role for 143 years, this year in the extent of “Public Transportation Week” “7th International Transportation Technology Conference and Fair” is being organized. 

In the extent of Public Transportation Week, the 7th International Transportation Technology Conference and Fair in Istanbul Congress Center was opened its doors to guests between 19 and 20 December. IETT General Director Mümin Kahveci, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Secretary General Dr. Hayri Baraçlı, Yildiz Technical University Rector Dr. Ismail Yüksek, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Parliamentary Deputy Speaker Ebubekir Taşyürek, Istanbul Lieutenant Governor Fethi Yorulmaz and 60 firms attended to the grand opening.
IETT General Director Mümin Kahveci gave the opening speech: “we added the peak of the transportation world, Transist International Transportation Technology Conference and Fair to our 143 years old history. This year for the 7th time we are gathering leader names, leader institutions and firms of the public transportation. We welcomed our guests to symposiums and fairs that every year we move to a higher level. From our country and many various places of the world, there are metropolitan and provincial municipality, universities, academists are attending. Besides them our product suppliers that are involved in sea, road, rail way and rail system transportation”. 
Public Transportation Creates City’s One Of The Vital Points.
Mr. Kahveci drew attention to economic structure and timing of the life in metropolitan cities like Istanbul: As population of cities increases, innovative ideas and configurations by high technology need to be supported and developed. Our symposium took over a role as a light to present and to future,and is the place where these innovative ideas are presented and discussed.  A place where trends in transportation and the areas open to improvement are spoken, every year a theme is chosen. Academists and sector representatives are gathered to make this year’s theme real, 4S: Smart, Safety, Simplicity, Sustainability. Smart travel for our passengers to have a minimum time voyage, easy transportation for our passengers to have a easy and comfortable voyage, safe transportation for themselves and their loved ones without any health risk and sustainable transportation is very important to increase our quality of life without consuming tomorrow while providing the highest level of tomorrow. IETT was a follower in order and the sector of innovative transportation and now became an institution which leads to innovations in transportation sector and creates the order. We are heading to CNG and hybrid vehicles to contribute to economy and to leave a livable world for next generations by decreasing the consumption of fuel. A first happened in Transist 2014, we are detecting the leader public transportation metropolitans. For public transportation we are giving rewards in our award ceremony in 8 different categories; excellence, accessibility, sustainability, affordability, quality of service, efficiency, reliable service, technology applications.
Istanbul Becomes Focal City In Europe
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Hayri Baraçlı drew attention to spread of public transportation culture by spreading urban life culture, “This symposium’s contribution is very important to spread urban transportation culture by information sharing and innovations being noticed. To generalize public transportation there is also need to generalize transition from wheeled transportation to rail transportation by achieving the 420 kilometers rail system target for 2019. Our ministry of transport and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is working actively to accomplish the target. Istanbul became focal city in Europe by connecting two continents by 3rd bridge, 3rd airport and Marmaray.”
4S Technology In Public Transportation
This year’s theme of the Transist 2014 7th International Transportation Technology Conference and Fair is 4S In Public Transportation: Smart, Safety, Simplicity, Sustainability. First session is about nonpolluting energy types or that minimize environmental pollution to minimum. The symposium about “Transportation Technology Trends for Changin World” is four main sessions and a keynote session. 
Nostalgic Buses Showcased In Transist Fair 
IETT presented a last year produced Trolleybus served in 1968 “Tosun” to İstanbul traffic and this year brings two different nostalgic buses to visitors in fair. 29 years Bussing, 24 years Leyland and 15 years Renault - Scemia served to Istanbul traffic. For the first time buses meet with visitors in the fair. 1927 model Renault - Scemia, 1951 model Bussing and 1968 model Leyland buses will start to serve after the fair. 
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