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IETT Operations General Directorate is a public institution connected to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal, serving urban public transportation within provincial boundaries of Istanbul. First privileged and foreign-owned private companies that served such as Electric, Tram, Tunnel, Gas were nationalized then transferred to IETT Operations General Directorate by law no. 3645.

IETT Operations General Directorate’s jurisdiction, date 16.06.1939 and no.3645 in article 3 of law:

“To organize, to correct and to distribute electrical installation and electrical tram network and tunnel installation on the need and to expropriate immovable goods and to take initiatives for all procedures of the management for all these things to distribute electric power on the European side, Anatolian side and around and on the Princess Islands of Istanbul and if it is seen necessary to extend and to support the transportation by the way of setting, operating and to making run tram and bus services.”

The form of Istanbul's all the territorial boundaries of the province is designated.